There’s so much content to create, right?

Or maybe writing just isn’t your thing.

I understand how you feel, the stresses that come with producing content day in, day out, for your online business.

It’s easy to lose momentum.

It’s easy to lose interest, too.

It’s easy to doubt if what you’re creating will even work online!

And when you’re juggling other business responsibilities, the content you want to create – need to create – drops further down the to-do list.

Fortunately, with me at your side, you won’t have to deal with these problems.


Prices are in Euros but I also accept British pounds and dollars.

Main Services

Blog Management

Prices start from €350 a month, for 10 hours, with a minimum of 2 posts created per month. Each post is 1000+ words and is optimised for the web. I help you create finished posts based on material, content or drafts you will provide for me. Depending on your needs, tasks I can help you with include:

  • editing and proofreading posts
  • researching blog topics
  • uploading blog posts
  • formatting posts (e.g. structuring the text, use of bullets/italics/bold, adding images, inbound and outbound links, adding pull quotes and click-to-Tweet boxes)
  • adding subheadings and text breaks
  • sourcing free royalty-free photos
  • optimising SEO of the post (incl. creating an SEO-friendly title)
  • adding optins and lead magnets
  • scheduling posts
  • managing an editorial calendar (incl. building a list of post ideas)
  • researching potential guest post leads
  • keeping an eye on the content strategy of your main competitors
  • optimising existing blog posts
  • fact-checking content to check it is accurate
  • making sure your content is cohesive and stays on-topic

Blog Maintenance

€80 for 2 hours.

  • fixing broken links
  • adding internal or external links
  • adding or removing tags
  • adding posts to categories
  • optimising images

Email Newsletter Management

Prices start from €300 for 10 hours a month.

  • setting up newsletter
  • managing your email newsletter
  • making sure new content is promoted in your newsletter
  • setting up automation
  • uploading lead magnet to the newsletter
  • adding optin to relevant blog posts
  • setting up welcome series and other series

Content Upgrade

Prices start from €300 a month for 10 hours, depending on the project required and the amount of copy needing work.

  • repurposing older content into new formats (e.g., Older blog posts turned into an ebook; print material turned into blog posts, lead magnets or ebooks, etc)
  • reworking website home page headlines and copy
  • website refresh: improving existing website copy
  • rearranging website content
  • identifying knowledge gaps and inconsistencies in your content
  • editing newly written copy
  • modernising older blog posts (incl. additional research, if required)
  • modernising lead magnet copy
  • aligning copy to any brand voice changes
  • ensuring all website copy suits online readability

Additional Services

Creating Ebooks and Lead Magnets

From €30 per hour, depending on what your project is, size of project and your deadlines. Tasks will include:

  • copy editing your draft copy (in 3 revisions)
  • also structural editing (logical flow of ideas, intuitive flow)
  • proofreading the final draft once all editing completed
  • sourcing images for your project
  • formatting your copy for consistency and readability
  • developing chapters, modules and subsections, if required
  • rearranging text, if required; also some rewriting
  • ensuring your project aligns with your audience’s goals
  • researching your project topic to supplement your ideas

Basic WordPress Maintenance

€95 for 2 hours.

  • uploading and removing plugins
  • ensuring theme updates
  • adding metatags to existing content

Online Courses Assistance

€30-40 per hour, depending on the size of the course.

  • checking course sequences make sense
  • identifying any information gaps or irregularities
  • checking course fulfils student objectives
  • editing and proofreading all course copy/materials during creation and after course upload
  • testing course upon upload
  • ensuring student materials aligned with course
  • testing technical elements, e.g., Links, share buttons, student login, course material download

How we work together

Decide which services you’re interested in from the list above. Then I will put together a package, with costings and hours, based on your wants but also keeping your budget in mind.

I will work to your direction and with your house style guide, if you have one. We will use email and Dropbox, with your content provided in Microsoft Word or as PDFs.

I also have a content approval system in place for all content creation. This means that, once we get to the final draft, you will need to provide feedback, before it can be released into the world. This system is in place for blog posts, websites, ebooks, courses and other material.

Our work together is a collaboration. You’re always involved and kept in the loop.

Interested in working together? Book a free 20min Zoom consultation call.

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