How I work with you


I’m Tom Wong, virtual assistant in content marketing, originally from London.

I know making the decision to go self employed was a major step for you. And that running your business is both professionally and personally satisfying. For many, creating content and building an online presence is secondary to doing what you love.

And that’s with good reason, seeing as it brings in the money and fires up your day.

Creating content is hard to do. It’s time consuming on multiple levels: deciding what to say, then planning it out, then writing it, drafting it, then revising it until you reach a happy result.

I know how you feel not knowing what to say or if what you’re saying makes sense.

I understand the stresses and frustration that come when managing your business online.

By your side

As your virtual assistant in content marketing, my expertise will improve your visibility online and your company image online. I will work with you in areas such as updating your blog, helping you create new content, developing ebooks and courses to sell, to overseeing your email list, and other stuff you don’t really want to do.

The qualities I bring to every job include:

  • Attention to detail
  • Efficiency and calmness
  • Ability to ask questions for clarification
  • Trustworthiness and discretion
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Adaptability to change
  • Dedication to what I do
  • Love and respect for what you do

I’m your secret weapon

I’m a native British English speaker and I love clarity in all things: clarity of communication, clarity of ideas, clarity in our text and content.

I started working online in 2012 after more than 10 years as a freelance copy editor and project manager. I worked for organisations including the London Development Agency and the Institute of Civil Engineers. My work was largely customer-facing, and so I have a passion for ensuring all content is customer-friendly.

I find the world of online business a fascinating space, but I also understand its problems. It can be a fast-paced and cutthroat world, full of noise, distractions and nonsense. I’m here to help you focus and get your projects done.

Know that I will take care of your work as if it were my own. Your work will always be 100% respected, without a doubt.

Benefits of working with me

Save yourself time

By letting me take care of your web content, you can use the time this frees up on things you love doing instead. This might include time with loved ones, getting more business, or having some personal downtime.

Content creation can take up a significant part of the week, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Let go of the stress

By letting me manage your content, you can let go of all the doubts you might have had about creating content, e.g, Am I doing it the right way, does it makes sense, am I saying the right thing? Instead, you can give me your ideas and drafts on a regular basis and I will help you create the finished results.

You can also stop abandoning projects whenever you get stuck, lose interest or momentum, or start falling behind.

Grow your business

Now you’ve got your content taken care, you’ve got the freedom to go out there and generate new work. You can do what you love, meet the right people, and build your reputation. You have complete freedom to get on with making your business dreams happen.

No longer will you need to feel guilty for prioritising client work over website, blog or content work.

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