Choose how I help you succeed

So, what can you expect from me as your content coach?

Our work together is first and foremost a collaboration, and you’ll get clear, specific advice, in a friendly, constructive manner at every step of the way.

We’ll be working online, using email, Dropbox and Google Docs. I prefer any copy in Microsoft Word, PDF or published web post formats, I can also review video and audio.

In some cases, we may work directly from a test website on my server.

The final decision is always yours, at every stage you receive edits or consultation from me. You’re always involved in our work together. I’m not here to rewrite your project.

If you’re unsure about my suggestions, you can always get in touch.

My goal here is to help you create the best work you can.


The prices quoted below are baseline figures.

The total cost will depend on the size and scale of your project, and the time it will take to arrive at completion.


New to my services
Want to learn how I can help you? Get a free 30-minute consultation call.

During this Skype call, we help each other understand what I can do for you and your project needs.

If we go over the 30 minutes, this is charged for the hour (70€).

Is your existing freelance website set up to generate leads? Is it user-friendly? Get a website audit.

Find out where your website is failing to generate leads and what to do about it. I analyse everything from content direction to homepage headline and web copy.

This package includes a video assessment, findings report and a detailed roadmap of what to do next to turn your website around. 350€

Want to start developing your online business website? Get the starter package (includes a finished prototype website).

Get your online business up and running, no excuses.

With this service, you’ll receive a content direction for your website; finished copy for your key web pages (home, about, services) (3 revisions each); a finished home page headline and subheadline; and a roadmap for future content creation.

This service also includes a 2-hour strategy meeting (on Skype) and content brainstorming. We will work from a test website on my server throughout the job and from it produce a finished prototype. From 1500€.

Want to develop content for your website or your passive income product? Get a content development session.

With this service, we brainstorm initial content ideas then set a framework of how to create them and a content creation schedule. I provide content coaching throughout your content creating, giving you the accountability and sounding-off board you need to get work finished.

Initial brainstorm session+3 months of biweekly content coaching. From 350€ a month.

If you want more than 3 months of coaching, this can be arranged.

Stuck on an idea or content problem and need a breakthrough? Get a brainstorm coaching session.

If you’re stuck for ideas or have hit an obstacle while creating content, this service is for you. We’ll punch through your problem and get you back on track in no time. 95€ for the hour.

Working on content right now, not sure if what you’ve created is working? Get content editing/proofreading.

I edit everything you create, to make sure the ideas are clear and are engaging to your end reader. This includes:

Copy for your web pages, blog, promotional material, social media branding; scripts for video; content for print book, digital ebook, course content, course material.

This is a thorough edit, covering spelling and grammar, language, readability and tone, in relation to your brand and goals. I will suggest better words if needed and ensure your content is reader-friendly. From 25€ per hour, depending on the scale of your project.

Shall we get started?

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