You might be close to finishing your manuscript for an online product.

You might be working on copy for your website, ebook, course, or other marketing materials. You might also have a blog and so need to create new blog posts frequently.

Writing is hard work, so why do it alone? I stand in for your reader in making sure any glaring problems in your copy are resolved.


Get total peace of mind when it comes to the copy you’re working on, whether for your website or for products. I’ll catch your spelling mistakes, fix grammar, trim sentences, remove repetition, make suggestions for better word choices, fix sentence structure and proofread your finished piece.

You’ll also receive notes with each set of edits, explaining the reasons behind the changes; you can then decide whether to accept them or not.

Price per job depends on the scale of your project.


COPY EDITING RETAINER, 6-month retainer, €499/month

Get peace of mind and accountability when it comes to creating new material from scratch for your online products and/or website materials (blog posts, web copy). I can also repurpose older content into new formats.

Each month I copy edit everything you create then make sure it fits your chosen marketing format in the right way. That way, all you have to do is write, and leave everything else to me.



We’re often so close to working on our website or online product, it’s hard to tell if what we’re doing is making sense.

For example, is all the information where it needs to be to help your reader understand what you do? Is your copy addressing your reader’s problems? Find out, by letting me review your project.

This is a deep analysis. I will examine all your current content and look for areas that potentially confuse readers or don’t make sense to your brand.

You will complete a brief questionnaire, to help me understand your business aims. You’ll receive the analysis as a video review, along with a detailed report on my findings. We then jump on Zoom for 30 minutes to discuss the report and what steps to take to fix any problem areas.


BIG PICTURE EDITING, €550/month for 3 months

Having trouble structuring your course or ebook, and laying out everything you want to include? Feeling anxious about what to write? Paralysed by the pressure of needing your online product or website to be perfect? Hate writing as well?

Big Picture Editing is designed to remove all these problems.

By the end of the 3-month work, you’ll get a clear framework and plan for your latest project. You’ll get clarity on the direction it will take and how to go about creating each section, chapter or webpage. You’ll understand which copy needs to be created, thanks to templates I’ll help you develop. We’ll jump on Zoom once a month to discuss your progress.

The 3 stages are:

  • The Big Picture stage – where we begin the process of understanding your new project and its goals. This is the stage where we’ll take your initial ideas and create a narrative and project direction with them
  • The Content Section stage – with the product direction now established, we’ll start making decisions on chapters and sections and make sure what we decide fits the student’s goals
  • The Content Decision stage – with the chapters now laid out, we’ll discuss what content you’ll need to create for each section and how to go about it