There’s so much to create, right?

I understand how you feel, the stresses that come with producing content day in, day out, for your online business.

It’s easy to lose momentum.

It’s easy to lose interest, too.

And when you’re juggling other business responsibilities, the work you want to create – need to create – drops further down the to-do list.

Fortunately, with me by your side, you won’t have to deal with these problems.

How we work together

As your virtual assistant in copy editing/proofreading, I take on your content workload and help you finish what you start. I work to your direction (and with a house style guide, if you have one). We work using email and Dropbox, with your content provided in Microsoft Word or as PDFs.

The final decision is always yours; you can accept or reject my edits, it’s fine. You’re always involved and kept in the loop. Our work together is a collaboration.

Not only do I lighten your workload, I also help you maintain a regular content creation schedule.

I work on a monthly retainer basis, starting from €550 depending on your content creation requirements, providing both copy editing and proofreading. We can work on new content (for the web and/or products), repurpose old content, or a combination.

Proofreading can also be done separately, at €50 an hour. The website review is also a separate service, at €199.


Copy Editing

My copy editing service covers two types of editing done together: copy editing and structural editing. You will receive notes alongside any proposed changes, and you can accept or reject those changes. Proofreading is also included in this service.

What is copy editing?

Copy editing is text editing. When I edit your copy, I check the following are correct and of high quality:

  • grammar
  • spelling
  • punctuation
  • suggest better word choices
  • consistency of spelling and number use
  • casing (e.g., Upper/lower case, capitalisation for headlines and any specific words)
  • formatting (sensible use of italics/bold/underlining/bullet points)
  • style adherence (if you have a house style guide, I will align your copy to these specifications. If you don’t, I will make decisions and relay them to you to ensure the choices are internally consistent)
  • general readability (trim sentences; also suggest changes related to font and page layout)

What is structural editing?

Structural editing is a natural part of the editing process, not a separate service. When I edit your copy, I also check the entire piece to ensure:

  • overall cohesion
  • logical flow of ideas
  • intuitive flow (i.e., If it’s a blog post, that your ideas are presented so they’re easy to read and understand. If it’s a website, I check if all the components relate to each other so as to remove any customer friction)
  • appropriate voice for your brand

Structural editing often involves rearranging sections of text, some rewriting, or checking if any content is missing, inadequate, or out of place. Like with copy editing, I will present any changes here for you to accept or reject.


Proofreading is me casting a final eye over a near-finished product. Once your website, manuscript, course content, or article have been edited and formatted, I take a look at your final draft to ensure:

  • no overlooked errors in the content
  • layout is perfect
  • line spacing is appropriate
  • sentences and words not broken in strange places
  • the design does not affect readability
  • the design is appropriate for your message/intention
  • functionality is trouble-free (i.e., For interactive content such as websites)
  • overall product is perfect

I can proofread your completed materials, even if they were originally edited by somebody else. Proofreading is provided as both a standalone service and also as part of my Copy Editing service.

Website Review

I review your whole website, to find out if you’ve set it up correctly to capture leads and drive traffic and interest to your call-to-action. I provide detailed feedback on the following:

  • first impressions when I land on your site (is your USP clearly communicated)
  • what’s missing and what can be improved
  • areas causing customer friction
  • check your Home page is set up to capture leads
  • assess your blog (what’s working and what isn’t)
  • review a single blog post (what’s working and what isn’t)

All of this is presented to you in an in-depth 30-40min screencast video review, depending on the size of the website under review. You will also receive a written report covering which problem areas to improve (and how to do so), plus a 30min chat session on Facebook Messenger.

Repurposing Content

Repurposing content gives your work a new lease of life in another format. This can include, for example, turning past blog posts into an ebook; turning offline material into a blog series or an ebook; or a content refresh.

With this service, I will create a manuscript based on the material provided, as well as any new content (e.g., New chapters or sections; content for information gaps). I will guide you on the creation of new content, so don’t worry.

I will also provide copy editing, structural editing, and proofreading, once the final manuscript has been achieved and approved. By the end of this service, your old content will be a brand new form.

Interested in working together?

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