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Zell Liew, designer, zellwk.com

I knew my website wasn’t up to standard and I needed someone to help me out with the structuring of my content.

I found Tom was very professional in his approach and he was quick to point out the problems within my website as well as how to change them.

He also gave me solid feedback on why my copy wasn’t hitting its potential, and I specifically liked how he was straightforward and honest in his suggestions.

I also learned which areas were not working the way I thought they were working – that’s been a real insight!

Tom provided a detailed analysis of my website, which was easy to read, you could understand his thoughts. He articulates his points across very clearly, which is a rare find.

Tom also holds no punches in getting your work into shape. He also constantly reassures you that these are his thoughts, and that I am free to control or execute them. This gave me options to choose from and was very much appreciated.

I would highly recommend him if you are unsure about your website or copy or just need someone to take a look at it.

Janet Finlay, coach, Canine Confidence

My main concern was that Tom would change my “voice” so that my website would sound bland and not my own – or worse that it would be inaccurate, cheesy or too salesy.

I’ve been writing professionally all my working life – and am a published author – so I was skeptical about what benefits this service could bring someone like me.

But Tom was very sensitive to my concerns and I found the process very beneficial.

Simply having someone else assess my site was very helpful and Tom was able to suggest many improvements to make my copy clearer and more succinct.

Tom is very good at rephrasing sections to make them more punchy and to pare away unnecessary verbiage. He also made excellent suggestions about structure and layout, making my site clearer and more focused on my goals. I liked the fact he made no assumptions about what it was that I was trying to achieve with my site, but consulted me all the way.

Even if you feel there is little to be done to improve your copy, you will find this service helpful. It will help you to clarify your goals and see your work through the eyes of a new client. You will get suggestions that will make your website even better.

I really liked how Tom took a holistic view of my site – looking at copy, layout and structure. The suggestions have made my site more focused and given me a clearer view of how to take it forward. Tom’s approach is professional and consultative. He will make your voice more effective rather than replacing it with his own.

Gabriel Both, web designer

My main purpose for approaching this service was to get help with structuring my content. This was my first book and not having much experience with this, I wanted someone professional who could help me.

My main concern was that I wasn’t sure how much it could be shaped from the content that I already had available.

But as a result of using Tom’s service, I learned about myself and my writing style. I got very valuable insights to how I approached my book that really made me think and make some major changes in my business.

The feedback was valuable not just from an editing point of view, but from an honest objective view of the piece.

Tom also helped me plan a new book from scratch and I enjoyed his process. I really liked the questions that he asked, it really helped me to get writing and put my thoughts down on paper. It guided me to write in a specific way.

If you have writers block and don’t know what to write, then this is an invaluable service to help draw your thoughts out on paper. Tom really wants the best for you and cares about your work. So in any feedback, you will get the truth and not something sugar-coated. You will get a very thorough, honest and valuable service well worth the investment.

I want to finally say how lovely it was working with Tom. He really listens to what you want and provides very creative suggestions. He makes intelligent suggestions that are in alignment with the overall goal of the project. I highly recommend you use his services. You won’t be disappointed!

Volker Surmann, book publisher

I wanted to get an assessment for my copy from someone who looks at it from the perspective of content and from the user’s point of view. Does my website give the visitor the necessary information they need to make the correct decisions? It was not enough for me to think only in the web design.

I felt Tom was someone who had a very clear and constructive view on copy. What content he critiques is not a personal matter of taste, it’s a matter of the audience and their needs: What will the visitor find on first look, does the page make clear what it’s for, how to present copy that targets different groups with different needs. This was a big realisation for me.

I liked Tom’s honesty, and his enthusiasm when something was good. As a result of working with him, I became braver in my copy decisions, in what to include and what to remove. We made major improvements to our online store because of his guidance, in areas nobody pointed out to us the whole 7 years we’ve been online.

I’m left without any doubt that Tom will give you the right feedback you need to improve your work. He points out the deficiencies in your copy, but then he makes constructive suggestions on how to fix them.

Michael Mai, founder, MaiNetCare

I am aware that the content approach of a website is the deciding factor.

Although we as an agency create websites for other customers, it is not possible for us to do this because the necessary objectivity is lacking and we often see things from too technical a point of view.

Tom speaks plainly about what he considers useful or nonsensical. This allowed us to quickly carry out large optimization steps. I was also thrilled that Tom took a lot of time to explain how words work and how they do not work. You quickly realize that this is his passion.

If you need someone to work with you for your website to develop the message that is fully tailored to your clients’ needs, I would recommend Tom to you. His approach is clearly structured, he knows what he is doing and you are being guided really well by his process. In addition, he is a really very polite and nice person.

Tom is very patient in his explanations and also helps a lot with questions that may be outside your vocabulary. I always had the positive feeling that I am working with a friend.

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