Case study: Content design for MaiNetCare

Michael Mai, founder, MaiNetcare web agency

When Michael Mai approached me, I learned he was starting a new company, a web agency based in Berlin. Prior to this company, he’d been working as a web developer, working in German, for more than 10 years, in a solo capacity.

Based on my work, he knew a typical website would be lacking for his agency. He wanted his agency to be very customer focused but didn’t know how to translate his idea into his website.

The website for his web developer business was very author-focused, with technical copy that was not very user-friendly, as you can see below.

Michael said of his intentions for us working together:

I am aware that the content approach of a website is the deciding factor. Although we as an agency create websites for other customers, it is not possible for us to do this because the necessary objectivity is lacking and we often see things from too technical a point of view. That’s why I’ve been looking for an external consultant who knows how to create the content so that it works perfectly for our clients.

The job we agreed on, was to create a new website with a new content direction and new content from scratch. The website would be customer-oriented and would speak directly to the customer and their pain points.

We would develop new content on all key website pages including Home, About and Services.

What happened next

We began discussing the purpose his website should have and I began developing content directions for the site, from which Michael would choose one.

Each direction consisted of pairs of Home page headlines and subheadlines, with detailed explanations for each direction and mockups of the different Home page headlines/subheadlines, all of them created on a test website on my server.

Here are two examples:


It struck me, during the strategy phase of work, that we still had to work on some of our products to better position them in the marketplace. This was the direct result of Tom’s specific product strategy questions and critical remarks. In addition, I noticed that our technical services dominated us and hid the consulting services. Tom helped us establish a balance here.

I coached Michael in the creation of original content, which he wrote himself, after the content direction he wanted had been chosen.

I then made sure his content fit the website page structure I’d developed to fit the new content direction. This phase of the project helped Michael define his business offerings, as he describes:

At the time of using his service, our company was in the making and the exact product description was not yet 100% defined. There were some corrections during the strategy phase and Tom did the consulting with as much patience and with detailed answers as I wanted. 

The final chosen Home page for the agreed content direction:

The final website can be seen here (we worked in English and the results were translated into German). Click on the photo to visit the site.

Michael’s thoughts on our work together:

What surprised me positively was the fact that we got a real prototype of a website in our hands and our team could examine the effect of the headlines directly on the Internet. This is much more effective than just getting a PDF or graphic mockup. I was also thrilled that Tom took a lot of time to explain how words work and how they do not work. You quickly realize that this is his passion. I also found it very helpful that we could choose between three different strategies as a result of the strategy report.

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