Are you leaving money on the table?

At the end of the day, whether you’re a coach, creative or sharing a skill, you’re not doing what you do only because you love it.

This is a business after all, it’s how you pay the bills.

Are you hurting your success?

Ultimately, you want customers, you want followers and fans. You want to enjoy the freedom of working for yourself (and make money).

But is everything you’re doing online helping you achieve this?

Are you coming across as professional and credible?

Ask yourself this:

  • Is your website helping or hurting your business?
  • Is your content driving people away (and you don’t know it)?
  • (Do you even have any content for people to share?)
  • Is your business message loud and clear?
  • Is your business set up to be a brand?

You might be damaging your business (and how people think of your business) in ways you don’t even realise.

You might be turning away customers who won’t buy your services but will buy your skills.

And unless you look into it, you might never reach those customers and fans you dream of wanting.

Can you afford to risk that?

Don’t worry.

I’m your secret weapon.

At your side

Hi. My name’s Tom Wong.

I’m your content coach and brand editor, a native British speaker from London now based in Berlin. And I’m passionate about words and content, clarity and communication, and helping you grow your business.

I’ve been self-employed on the web since 2014, after 8 years freelancing for London non-profits on their content, so I know your world intimately.

And I understand the struggles you have, with growing your online business so you’re reaching the people you want to help. I know how it feels not knowing what to do that will get you results, or if anything you’re creating makes sense.

And when you’re juggling many responsibilities in your business, those obstacles can seriously affect your momentum and morale for what you’re creating; and ultimately your income.

Fortunately, with me by your side, you won’t have to deal with those obstacles. I’m here to help you create content that connects with your audiences the right way, from web pages and online products, to website content.

How you’ll win

Depending on the service you choose, know as your coach and editor I always keep your final reader in mind.

Even if I’m just doing a website audit.

I’m always thinking about the end result, if what you’re creating makes sense to your customer, and ultimately, how engaging your work is from their point of view.

Why do I do this? Because they’re the people who matter but are often overlooked. I want to make sure all your hard work does the job it was intended for.

Working together, I will:

  • Check your content matches your customer’s needs
  • Make sure your content is consistent with your overall brand
  • Help you develop your brand voice or refine what you have
  • Transform even your vaguest ideas into something worthwhile

And much more.

With me as your partner, you’ll get lean and fast assistance, along with professionalism and respect for what you do.

Need a breakthrough right now?

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